Playing with Window Reflections

Posted on July 29, 2014 | 3 comments


Woman in Space

I’m often drawn to reflections in any surface. They hint at another world, a somewhat dreamy, surreal mirror of the real thing.

Window reflections are another subject altogether. Most photography articles teach how to avoid window reflections. This past weekend, I went out in search of them.

With an effective window reflection, we get a picture of everything – the window, the inside, the outside, and often the photographer too. All of life is blended together into one image, creating something rather other-worldly.

Normally, when we look in a store window we see what’s inside and don’t even notice the reflection. Going out in search of reflections requires a different way of seeing – a more playful one.

It’s a fun photographic exercise in seeing.

When I went out this past weekend, I set an intention to just photograph window reflections and nothing else. This way I trained my eyes to see this way and not be distracted (by regular subjects).

It felt like play and I knew that many of the images would not work out. But, there are always surprises. The images here in this post are some of my favourites.

Green Jeans

To see more images from my photo walk, check out my Window Reflections Album on Flickr.

And here’s an e-book that I highly recommend if you’re interested in this type of photography, Chasing Reflections by Eli Reinholdtsen – available through Craft & Vision ($5 download).

See some of Eli Reinholdtsen’s reflection images on Flickr and read an interview with her here.


  1. Window reflections are one of my favourite things to capture. They are always so full of surprises and I love their surreal quality. Yours are just lovely and the green jeans are just great! Now I’m going to check out your links!

  2. Well, you know how much I love reflections! I like the way you combine so many layers – yourself, the inner and the outer worlds into a completely different world.

  3. Yes to reflections here too! In windows, water, cars, so many possibilities. I love what you have been capturing of late and thanks for the links — I always find some gems in your posts to follow up!


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