365 Days of Inspiration


My name is Uncle Scott because I’m everyone’s Uncle! I’m here to brighten your day and make you smile. Here on my blog, you will find 365 inspirational memes and a few words of wisdom. One for every day of the year! I also have some helpful self-improvement resources for you over on my resources page.

So what is the story behind this blog?

Well about a year ago, I had a really good friend named Lesley. Lesley was really having a rough time, and it turned out that she was an alcoholic. She had tried many times to get sober, but it never seemed to work out. One day, she called me saying she was at her low point and she needed help. She sounded so desperate on the phone. I had to do something. I picked up a piece of paper and drew her a picture that simply said “SMILE” on it.

When I showed up at her house, I gave her the picture, and she laughed harder than I’d seen her laugh in a while. I drove her to rehab, and she hung my picture by her bed and looked at it every day. She says that was one of the things that got her through the tough time.

That was the point where I realized how important it is to make people smile every day. And that’s why I started this blog. Enjoy!